Big Vape – PRESS RELEASE – December 2019

Earn Your Points With The Big Vape VIP Programme

Specialist vaping store Big Vape is rewarding its clients with their loyalty programme. The Big Vape VIP programme is designed to help their most loyal customers.  Big Vape’s store is located at 15A Jack Conway Ave, Manukau. The store sells a range of vape devices, E-liquid and accessories. Their online store also provides the full range of their products.

The Big Vape reward programme is simple. Clients who make a purchase get points. Every time clients earn 1000 points they can get $25 discount on the next purchase. It is important to ensure the redeeming purchase exceeds NZ $25 in value.

Customers need to register for an account with Big Vape online to get started.  As soon as they log in and make the first purchase they start earning VIP points. One VIP point is awarded for two dollars spent.

Clients also have the option of writing a product review online. 100 VIP points are awarded for writing product reviews. Clients can see the product detail page and write a review there. Only registered customers who write the reviews get these points.

Clients who have already written a review and have not received the VIP points should wait till the next purchase. They also have the opportunity to earn additional points by performing special tasks like helping promote the brand with new campaigns. In order to keep track of these points, clients can look at their My Account page online and the BigVape VIP points can be seen on the menu on the left.  These VIP points do not expire.

VIP points are awarded once a customer has signed in and purchased through the website, and BigVape has received payment for that purchase. Phone orders do not accrue VIP points. Wholesale orders also do not accrue VIP points.

Big Vape can help clients find the right nicotine level, the right device, and help make your transition into vaping as smooth as possible. Clients can also shop online for exclusive special products and enjoy free delivery over orders above NZ $100 and also earn VIP points along the way.

For more information:

Phone: 02041833655, 0800589001