Press Release Feb 2020

Satisfy Your Sugary Cravings with Delicious E-Juices from Big Vape

Fruity e-liquids from Big Vape are available online providing customers a range of flavours that are top of their range and made in New Zealand. Vapers who are searching for some of the best e-cigarettes and vapes New Zealand has to offer will find the product range from Big Vape covers high quality certified vapourisers, e-liquids and accessories that have been tested and certified.

Big Vape’s inventory of e-liquids come in delicious tastes including the ever popular bubblegum flavour for grownups. Big Vape 30ml Bubblegum Premium E-Liquid captures the true sugary, juicy bubblegum taste and guarantees a good vape all without spoiling the teeth.

The rich, sweet Caramel Tobacco Premium E-Liquid is classic caramelly tobacco mixed perfectly with toasted hazelnuts, pistachios and peanuts. This flavour will hit the tastebuds softly, making it a great all-day tobacco vape.

Big Vape’s vibrant 30ml Lychee Blackcurrant Premium E-Liquid is a special blend of sweet and fresh lychee in a proper mix with wild forest blackcurrants, to give an astonishing mouth-watering mix. Those who like the flavours of tropical fruits will this E-liquid exotic and very well balanced.

For a very special flavour hit try Big Vape’s 30ml Mango Blackcurrant Premium E-Liquid that is a special blend of sweet and fresh mango mixed with wild forest blackcurrants, to give an astonishing mouth-watering mix. All these flavours are available in 3 mg and 6 mg nicotine.

Big Vape has been in the industry since 2011 and to meet with customers’ vaping requirements. With the increase in demand and to make it convenient Big Vape is now offering a wide range of e cigarettes and e liquid solutions online. This provides a reliable and consistent platform to pick the best liquid tobacco online. Liquid tobacco is the perfect choice for those who want a smoke-free vaping experience.

Big Vape has a brilliant selection of various exciting tobacco flavours that will not only satisfy vaping needs but also give users an astonishing experience. The company offers finest flavours in safe and childproof packaging.

Big Vape has nicotine-free e-liquids which is a great substitute for those who love the taste or are trying to wean themselves off nicotine. E-liquids containing between 3-6mg of nicotine are great for those who are trying to reduce their daily nicotine consumption, or for those who enjoy vaping but with an added kick. An E-liquid with 12mg of nicotine is widely considered a suitable replacement for a one-pack-per-day smoking habit. Big Vape also has 18 mg, 24mg and 36 mg available.

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